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Descrizione di Candy Gallery -Photo Edit,Video Editor,Pic Collage

This is an app for managing gallery,


. It provides some entertainment functions for pictures and videos, so that you can get a more interesting experience.

 You can quickly find pictures and videos on a certain day.

 All the pictures and videos are sorted by time.

 It is easy to identify different sources of pictures.

 Classify the files by album

 Move not commonly used albums and the albums of third-party APPs to other folder, making picture browsing clearer.

 Sort and edit albums

 Copy or move files

 Manage photos that be taken continuously

 Make basic editing of the photo

 Provide an easy way to crop the video

 Browse pictures through different view effects

 Choose pictures to create collage

 Provide Create Page, give you an interesting experience with pictures and videos and show you the results of your experience

Day View, Month View, and Slideshow, three viewing modes provide you with a better experience.

In the Moments page, you can drag the timeline to find pictures of a certain day quickly.

Design your own photo works! A variety of different collage templates allow you to combine photos in different ways, and even customize templates to meet your needs!

Choose no more than 9 pictures to make the collage, freely select the template and adjust the width of the template border.

You can take a group of photos continuously and keep the best photo in which.

Pick up some selfies, choose a suitable theme, plus your favorite music, there will be a special video of your own.

Leaving only wonderful moments! You can easily edit the video with it.

Create a Video Story with some of your favorite videos, add a right theme and music for it.

It is interesting to add a theme and music to a certain video in your phone.

Gallery is a slow motion video editor, you can change speed of your videos as you like.

Create Page includes some fun features, the Collage, Video Story and Face Show that you have made can be found here.

Classify multimedia resources according to album, you can view and operate them quickly.

—Create/Delete/Rename Album

Gallery makes it no longer difficult to create, delete or rename an album.

—Other Album

You can move not commonly used albums and the albums of third-party APPs to Other Album,

and these photos will not appear in Moments.

—Sort Albums

Gallery can help you sort albums so that you can quickly find the album you want to browse.

You can copy or move multiple pictures and videos to new album or other local albums.

Si tratta di un'applicazione per la gestione di una galleria,

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Versione APK v8.0.0.031
Compatibilità Android 5.0+ (Lollipop)
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